Sommer started in event planning first, then fell into location scouting for Film/TV ten years ago. But Sommer stumbled in the Casting Industry and discovered she has a knack for seeing talent and potential. She’s been in the room with the Casting Directors, Producers and Directors and continues to be! She enrolled in acting classes for perspective: on camera, improv and auditioning classes. She respects Actors as people and appreciate all the training they use from their “toolbox”. Sommer gives them the quips & tips to be comfortable on auditions and make their auditions memorable, as well as their headshots, if requested. Her expertise can improve Actor reels, making their first 10 seconds land the relationship with the Casting Directors. You don’t have to drive anywhere to film your audition or for the self tape submission. She will film you wherever you are (limited to Southern CA unless otherwise negotiated). Ready to book that gig?

Disclaimer: The client should be off book to achieve the best results. Not absolutely necessary, but helps both of us in the process.